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Next-Gen NCLEX-RN® Basic Plan
$ 99
For 30 days
  • Access To 1500 Next-Gen questions available
  • One Month available subscription
  • Updated and Adaptative
  • + 30 case studies


NG NCLEX-RN® Traditional plan
$ 237
For 3 months
  • Full Access To new NG 3000 questions
  • Three months Subscription
  • 15 NG Study modules + Q bank
  • + 40 case studies
Not available


NG NCLEX-RN® Master Plan
$ 415
For 10 months
  • Full Access To new NG 5000 questions
  • 10-month Subscription
  • 15 NG Study modules + extended Q bank
  • + 50 case studies
Not available
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  1. This is the real deal, I have taken almost every review out there and it seemed to help a little in taking some anxiety away, but in reality, I always get back in the same boat. Do yourself a favor and get ready with real NCLEX questions where you are not in control. These review prepares you 100% along with the strategies used on the NCLEX. I have an extensive background in the medical field, none of which is helpful for the NCLEX. Dr. Jesus loves his job, takes his time explaining and breaks down facts from the cell level point of view. I encourage you to look at his videos in youtube and judge for yourself. Best of luck and blessing to all.
    Osmany M

    • Thank you for your words, but the real heroes are the students like you, most of the time without resources, or time, with thousands of problems, many of them with language barriers and achieving goals and passing the exams. Thank you, and applaud you !!!

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