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*It is essential to note that those courses can only be taken by nurses who are currently licensed in any jurisdiction or territories organized under the United States laws or in other countries.

Hemodialysis Nurse Test preparation

BONENT certification
$ 119
99 for 3 Months
  • More than 1000 updated questions
  • 3 months unlimited access and renewal
  • BONENT-approved training
  • Designed by nephrology experts
  • Prepared for busy nurses in mind

Hemodialysis Nurse Program

BONENT accredited
$ 1199
99 One payment
  • BONENT-accredited course*
  • Nursing internship post-course available
  • Updated and comprehensive 15 modules
  • Theoretical part of the course
  • 6 months access

Hemodialysis Nurse Program

BONENT accredited by modules*
$ Pay
By modules
  • Step-by-step preparation
  • Flexible payments module by module
  • Only theoretical part of the course
  • Designed by Nephrology experts
  • Practice post-course mandatory

Frequently asked questions

This certification program prepares you in the field of nephrology, especially in hemodialysis, consists of two (2) parts; the first is the theoretical part that comprises 15 separate modules with a final exam each, which is taken here online, once that you finish everything, you are issued a certificate of completion of the theoretical part, and that certificate invites you to take the practical part to finish your program

The practical part must be completed once the theoretical portion is finished online, not before. To do it, you must contact our institution, either by phone 305-640-8459 or 786-717-6461 or write to mhl.admission@floridianinstitute.org

The truth is that yes, you can buy the theoretical program as a whole, you pay only once, and that includes the 15 modules, without the practical part or you can buy the modules separately and complete them one by one until finishing, the price it will be slightly higher.

The practical part will be carried out in our hemodialysis laboratory with a real machine, without patients, or you can choose our student internship program in clinics outside our institution, available throughout the United States, the price may vary, but never more than 1500 dollars At most, we are working to coordinate in other countries, we cannot manage student visas at this time.

Unfortunately, the answer is NO; we cannot guarantee work to anyone; what we can do is prepare free résumés, applications or put you in contact with potential employers. Our student service is available to help and answer any questions or concerns.

The answer is YES, the student must have an active nursing license (RN / LPN) in good standing from any state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States, or they can also be a nurse in any other country to practice hemodialysis in their country of origin, without this requirement, BONENT will not allow you to sit  to take the initial certification exam.

The answer is YES; that is the big difference, graduating with our institution allows you to take the certification exam immediately, without the long years of experience required to be eligible. Once you have completed the academic and financial requirements with our institution, we will be more than happy to issue you the diploma, transcripts and letters of recommendation necessary to become certified. For more information check at Approved Training Programs | BONENT

Yes, we have an excellent bank of up-to-date questions, which allow you, for an affordable price, for 3 months, to prepare with relevant topics and materials for the exam. 

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If you have any questions, as well as a technical problem, please do not hesitate to contact us at 305-640-8459 or Contact Us  

Our students say

An incredible team, support and unsurpassed training, I recommend them! 5 stars
Vivian Grueiro
Vivian Gueiro RN
Incredible classes, I learned a lot, training with real machines, not just reading in a book, amazing experience!
claudia acuna
Claudia Acuna RN
Graduated nurse
I had a great time, we not only learned, but we also found a great family, Miry the coordinator and our teacher, the most !!!
mariolys Goenaga
Graduated Hemodialysis tech
I am in the career of my dreams, and in the institution that makes it possible, warmth, professionalism, and a great future awaits me
anay rodriguez
Anay Rodriguez
Current student