Module# 5. HN105.Dialysis Water Treatment for Nurses


  • Current BONENT-approved hemodialysis nurse course
  • Comprehensive and updated
  • Affordable and easy to study
  • This course is NOT suitable for completing continuing education hours.
  • 3-semester credits, 90 hours (15 lectures, 30 laboratories, 45 clinical hours)
  • Students learn about water treatment for dialysis patients.
  • By the end of this course, students can test and monitor the quality of water before the patient receives their treatment, practice, and perform independently
    the water maintenance for the Hemodialysis room.
  • Topics included: understanding of the method for microbiological testing of the water treatment system, typical water treatment monitoring schedule, components
    of a dialysis center’s water treatment system, and the advantages and disadvantages of water softeners.
  • Availability(Max): 30 days
  • Prerequisites: HD101, HD102, HD103, HD104
  • Current dialysis nurses may not use this course for continuing education hours; It is part of a comprehensive hemodialysis nurse course.


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