Module# 14. HN114. Educational and Professional Development for Nurses


  • Follow current BONENT guideline
  • Comprehensive and easy to study
  • Affordable and updated
  • Availability to complete (Max: 15 days)
  • This course is not suitable for completing continuing education hours.


  • 1-semester credit, 15 hours (15 hours of lecture)
  • Students learn: How to advise clients of discharge instructions along,
  • Explain dialysis concepts to patients and review and reinforce dialysis prescriptions, including advisory techniques to the patient and family members based on the physician’s orders (e.g., personal hygiene, treatment modalities, and self-care),
  • Establishing professional ethics and boundaries and multidisciplinary care plans and interrelations, such as government regulations and laws.
  • Maintain current and accurate documentation/data and incident reports.
  • Prerequisites: HN103, HN104, HN106, HN108, HN110, and HN112.
  • This course is not suitable to complete hours of continuing education; it is a module belonging to an entire class for hemodialysis nursing.

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