Module#10.HT110. Infection Control: Precaution and protection


  • Current BONENT guidelines
  • Comprehensive and Updated
  • Affordable and easy to study
  • Availability to complete (Max: 21 days)
  • This course is not suitable for completing continuing education hours.


One semester credit, 20 hours (20 lectures)

  • Students learn to utilize standard precautions and aseptic techniques and follow OSHA guidelines.
  • By the end of this course, students will be able to define standard and universal precautions, list personal protective equipment (required to be worn whenever exposed to blood or anticipate body fluids and discuss the modes of transmission of Hepatitis B and more. Wash machines, station area, and chairs after each patient run.

Prerequisites: HD101, HD102, HD103, HD104, HD105, HD106, HD107, HD108

Current dialysis staff may not use this course for continuing education hours; It is part of a complete hemodialysis technician course.

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