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Certified Hemodialysis Program

Two state-of-the-art programs and curriculum for technicians and nurses, all accredited by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)

Nursing (NCLEX) Test preparation

With a passing score of more than 98%, for years, we have been developing a unique and effective method, advanced strategies within an authentic and immersive context, face-to-face and virtual classes, as well as a successful platform.

International Wound Care Expert Program

An interdisciplinary program designed by a medical expert covers all wound treatment areas, with real-time and hand-on practices available, at your own pace and multiple images and explanations in every module.

Nurse Practitioner Certification Test Preparation

An comprehensive and updated test preparation designed by a medical expert covers all exam areas, with excellent ARNP-style questions and multiple images and explanations in every module.


The latest and most complete in the field of continuing education aimed at recertification and individual professional study in different specialties

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