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New NCLEX-RN/PN Test Preparation

  • With a passing score of more than 98%,
  • We have been developing a unique and effective method,
  • Advanced strategies within an authentic and immersive context, face-to-face and virtual classes, and a successful platform for years.

NGN NCLEX Q-bank Plans


Hemodialysis Tech and Nurse Programs

Two state-of-the-art programs and curriculum for technicians and nurses, all accredited by the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing and Technology (BONENT)


International Wound Care Expert program

An interdisciplinary program designed by a medical expert covers all wound treatment areas, with real-time and hand-on practices available, at your own pace and multiple images and explanations in every module.

wound care

Nurse Practitioner Certification Test Preparation

A comprehensive and updated test preparation designed by a medical expert covers

  1. All exam areas, with excellent ARNP-style questions
  2. Multiple images and explanations in every module.

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Allied Health and Nursing SchoolNCLEX-Review program

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