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What is the PTCB exam?

What is Pharmacy Tech Certification Board?

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) is a voluntary, non-profit credentialing organization that administers certification programs and services for pharmacy technicians.

PTCB certification allows pharmacy technicians to demonstrate that they have mastered appropriate knowledge and skills related to their pharmacy responsibilities.

What is a Pharmacy Technician?

Working under a pharmacist’s supervision, a pharmacy technician assists in dispensing prescription medications to customers while also helping out in a customer service capacity. 

Some states will require you to have a pharmacy technician license to work.

This will be given to you by a government agency and proves to them that you’re competent to perform the job’s duties. To find out if you need this and how to get it, you’ll want to check the state you’re planning to work in.

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

Their job responsibilities include:

  • Counting or measuring the accurate amount of medications
  • Mixing compounds of medications
  • Contacting physicians for authorization to refill prescriptions
  • Packaging and labeling prescriptions. 
  • Collecting patient information and payments
  • Recording patient medical records
  • Updating medication inventory information
  • Processing insurance paperwork

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