When a student enrolls in a study program, he has reserved a place that cannot be made available to other students. An enrollment agreement constitutes a contract once an institution’s official has signed it.

Refund Policy

Should a student be terminated or canceled for any reason, all refunds are going to be made according to the following refund schedule:

  1. Cancellation must be made in person, by electronic email, or by certified mail.

2. All monies will be refunded if the school does not accept the applicant or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the Student Enrollment Agreement and making an initial payment.

3. Cancellation after the 3rd business day, but before the first class, will refund all monies paid, except for the registration fee of $150.

4. Cancellation after the 3rd business day, but before the first class, will result in Books &/or Materials and Other Costs/Fees being non-refundable for each item already provided to the student.

5. Clock-hour Program: Cancellation after attendance has begun, but before 60% completion of the program, a pro-rata refund is computed on the number of hours completed to the total program hours.

6. Clock-hour Program: Cancellation after completing 60% of the program will result in no refund.

7. Credit-hour Program: A student may voluntarily withdraw from a course after the Drop-Add Period at any point before the mid-term. However, the student must notify the Education Department of his/her intention to drop a class, in person, by electronic mail, or by certified mail. This student will receive a grade of “W” and be responsible for the course’s tuition.

PLEASE NOTE:  a. Failure to notify the Education Department will result in a course failure. 

8.Termination Date: The termination date for refund computation purposes will use the student’s last date of actual attendance unless an earlier written notice is received.

9. If a student fails to attend for (14) consecutive days without an approved leave of absence, the student will be withdrawn from the program.

10. Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination of students’ enrollment or receipt of Cancellation Notice from the student


Evaluation System

The school establishes its evaluations based on the results of the theoretical and practical examinations.

The following grading scale will be used:

Grading System

Excellent:                            90% -100 %        =             A             4.0          ****

Good:                                   89% – 80%          =             B             3.0          ***        

Satisfactory:                       79% – 70%          =             C             2.0          **

Unsatisfactory:                   69% – 0%             =             F              0.0          *

Incomplete:                                                       =             I

Withdraw:                                                           =             W

Transfer:                                                              =             T

Grade Assignments

Grades will be based on the quality of work and level of understanding demonstrated in assessments. Faculty members are required to post grades through LMS for every student based upon the grading and evaluation response schedule provided in this catalog. Grade reports will be made available to students through the Student Portal. No official grade results will be given to students by phone or e­mail.

Repeated Courses

Floridian Institute allows students to repeat a failed course once. A failed course is a course in which a student received an “F.” The policy does not remove the previous grade. It does not eliminate the effect of that grade on the cumulative GPA computation. Both the failed and passing grades and credits will be included in the SAP and GPA calculations.  Students that fail a course twice will be automatically withdrawn from the program of enrollment.

Incompletes (Grades of I)

Floridian Institute discourages, in general, the practice of Incomplete (I) grades. However, there are times where such a grade is warranted. Upon discretion of the instructor, a student may be assigned a temporary status of incomplete (I) for a course to allow additional time to complete missing coursework or take a required exam. Upon completion, the earned grade replaces “I.” It is calculated into the grade average for the corresponding term and the CGPA. If the missing work or exam is not completed within the timeframe agreed with the instructor, a grade of “F” will be assigned and computed into the final grade average for the course and into the CGPA.

Transfer Grades (Grades of T)

A grade of T is assigned for a student’s successful transfer of credits earned at another institution or credits made at a previous program of enrollment completed at Floridian Institute. Neither the grade nor the credits are included in the CGPA or credits attempted calculations. At least 25 percent of the credits or hours required to complete a program must be earned through courses taken at Floridian Institute. The total number of credits transferred is deducted from the total number of credits needed for program completion.

Withdrawal from a Course (Grades of W)

A grade of “W” is given when the last day of attendance is within the first half of the course. When the last day of attendance is within the second half of the study, the student receives a final letter grade. The grade of “W” does not affect the student’s cumulative GPA. However, the status of “W” is added to hours attempted within the specified maximum time frame.   


Clock Hour Definition

One clock hour constitutes 50 minutes of directed, supervised instruction and 10-minute breaks.

Semester Credit Definition

A semester credit hour is equivalent to 15 lecture hours, 30 lab hours, or 45 externship hours.

Term of Instruction Definition

A semester is a term of instruction of 15 weeks of duration.

Period of Enrollment or Payment Obligation

The entire program.

Academic Year

Academic Year: a minimum of three semesters.

Course Numbering System

The course numbers are based on course codes established by the institution and do not relate to state standard course numbering systems. The course numbering system consists of an alpha prefix followed by a digit course number. The alpha prefix identifies the academic discipline. The first digit specifies if the course belongs to an upper or lower division. The numbers indicate the level of the system.


CHT        Certified Hemodialysis technician
ENC        English Composition
HT          Hemodialysis
NUR       Nursing
CHN Certified Hemodialysis Nurse

Graduation Requirements

Students are responsible for satisfying the requirements for graduation in their specific program of enrollment and adhering to the academic policies of Floridian Institute.

For a student to graduate, he/she must have completed the program with a minimum GPA of 2.0; fulfilled all financial obligations with FLORIDIAN INSTITUTE for the schedule of enrollment, and conducted an exit interview with the Student Services Department.

After satisfying all these requirements, the student will be awarded the corresponding diploma or Degree along with an official transcript.

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