Hemodialysis membership  
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Membership designed to meet continuing education needs for Nurses and Technicians.

  • Long term psychological effects of dialysis
  • Customer service in hemodialysis clinics
  • Treatment options for kidney failure
  • Anemia and kidney disease
  • Analyzing renal Lab tests
  • Home dialysis. An approach
  • Helping patient cope in dialysis
  • Staying active with kidney failure
  • Diet in dialysate patients
  • Dialysis treatment and procedures
  • Dialysis-related amyloidosis
  • Polycystic renal failure.An update
  • Infection control precautions
  • Electronic charting for nurses
  • Vascular access checking
  • Patient Comfort and Safety
  • Beyond binders: Emerging mechanisms of phosphate lowering
  • Hyperkalemia. Guide-related therapy


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Membership designed to master, review and study content and strategies to pass the NCLEX-RN/PN.

  • 2024 NextGen NCLEX Q-bank
  • NextGen Professional Videos Platform
  • NextGen Pharmacology Flashcard Program


Membership designed to meet the re-certification needs of pharmacy staff in different specializations.


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