HN107. Machine set up for Nurses

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Set up equipment prior to the start of the dialysis procedure to ensure that all parameters are intact and functional.

  1. Dialysis fluid delivery systems
    a. types
    b. functions
    i. abnormal functions
    ii. corrective actions
    c. monitors and alarms
    i. function
    d. disinfectants
    i. rinsing and testing
    e. AAMI Standards for Dialysate Supply Systems
  2. Dialyzers
    a. various types
    b. priming and testing procedures
  3. Dialysis Bath
    a. chemical composition
    b. types of dialysis baths
    c. techniques for altering the composition of the dialysis bath
    d. verification of dialysate composition
  4. Ancillary equipment
    a. procedures for use of ancillary equipment