Module#15.HT115. Educational and professional Development


  • Current BONENT guideline following module
  • Comprehensive and updated
  • Affordable and easy to study
  • Internship available post-course
  • Availibility to complete (max): 15 days
  • This course is not suitable for completing continuing education hours.

One semester credit, 20 hours (20 hours of lecture)

  • Students learn :
  • How to advise clients of discharge instructions and explain dialysis concepts to patients
  • Review and reinforce dialysis prescriptions, including advisory techniques to patients and family members based on physician’s orders
  • Establish professional ethics and boundaries and multidisciplinary care plans and interrelations, such as government regulations and laws.
  • Maintain current and accurate documentation/data and incident reports under best evidence practice in nursing

Prerequisites: HD103, HD104, HD 106, HD 108, HD 110, and HD 112.

Current dialysis staff may not use this course for continuing education hours; It is part of a complete hemodialysis technician course.


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