Module# 2. HN 102. Introduction of Renal Failure for Nurses


  • Current BONENT-accredited nursing courses
  • Comprehensive and updated
  • Affordable and self-pacing
  • Availability to complete(Max: 15 days)
  • This course is not suitable for completing continuing education hours.
  • 1-semester credit
  • Students learn the differences among the causes of pre-renal, intrarenal, and post renal acute renal failure & how to describe the clinical course of acute renal failure.
  • Students gain the ability to differentiate the etiology and cause of chronic renal failure. Discusses the tools and tests used in diagnosing and managing renal failure.
  • By the end of the course, students can recognize and assess the kidneys’ normal functions and explain the cause of renal failure.
  • Prerequisites: HD101
  • Current dialysis nurses may not use this course for continuing education hours; It is part of a comprehensive hemodialysis nurse course.

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